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823 Sports Boxing/Sports Boxe
Lot No Type Description Price
K74622 VAR image NORTH KOREA (1976) Montreal Olympics - Boxing Gold Medalist*. Misperforated block of 4. KSC No 1511. Scott No 1491.
K45696 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1983) Boxing - Los Angeles Olympics*. Specimen. KSC No 2368, Michel Block 162. Scott No 2341a.
K68407 SPE image NORTH KOREA (2002) Super-flyweight WBC champion Hong Chang Su. S/S specimen. Scott No 4234, KSC No 4213.
K74803 VAR image NORTH KOREA (2002) Super-flyweight boxing champ Hong Chang Su*. Souvenir sheet misperforated. KSC No 4213. Scott No 4234.

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