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646 Flowers Roses/Flore Rose
Lot No Type Description Price
K67566 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1974) Wild roses. Set of 5 specimens. Scott Nos 1224-8, KSC Nos 1239-43.
K48992 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1978) Roses*. Set of 6 overprinted SPECIMEN. KSC Nos 1795-1800. Scott Nos 1791-6.
K67648 SPE image NORTH KOREA (1979) Roses. Set of 6 specimens. Scott Nos 1791-6, KSC Nos 1795-1800.
K74650 VAR image NORTH KOREA (1979) Flame rose*. Misperforated block of 4. KSC No 1797. Scott No 1793.

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Lot No Type Description Price
K74915 VAR image NORTH KOREA (2007) Gladiolus*. Iris*. Rose*. Lotus*. Minisheet of 4 with colors shifted resulting in double image. KSC No 4502. Scott No 4689.
K74927 VAR image NORTH KOREA (2009) Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia)*. Rose*. Sheetlet of 6 misperforated. KSC No 4633, Scott No 4846.

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